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It Was You

Truth is deeper than answers.

Are you a whore?

A thief?

Or a product of a broken home where love was just an Imagination in the hands of a father’s Temptation to leave. 

His seeds now only watered by a Mother’s sweat and tears from years of having no Son to lift the burden of floods that have unearthed our ancestors graves. 

Slaves to a system of oppression that only finds us worthy in courts. Golden State or State Penitentiary. Different, or equal to bloodstained cotton that clothed Caramel children. 

Cacao beans are too bitter to taste, so we add milk and sugar in hopes that sweetness can erase the pain, dilute the hate. 

But I prefer my coffee black.

Black as the space between my roots and petals. A place that’s filled with unanswered questions, and suggestions of distant leaders whose spirits are still screaming for freedom. 

Why are we still chained? 

Why are we still caged?

And who swallowed the key?

It was you.



Now spit it out. 


This is Just a Different Song

They call it the land of the free. Ha, not hardly! Free to pick and choose, according to their rules. Discrimination handed to skin with darker hues. They taught us that slavery is a thing of the past, MLK yelling, “Thank God, I’m free at last!” No disrespect, but he was mighty wrong. We never changed the station, this is just a different song. No lashes on our backs, no lynchings on a tree, forget killing our bodies, they’re slaying us mentally. Drugs placed in our communities, fake thugs on tv, the perfect concoction for genocide of the  mind. Older generations complaining that we’re blind, but this is just the product of you all closing your eyes. The Civil Rights movement, stopped, because coloreds were allowed to buy the American Dream, and as you see the product you received was nothing more than a beautiful disease.