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Soul Atlas

I’m just trying to grow fruits to honor my roots. Ancestors were planted in different lands, molded by different hands. But the Truth stands, One Spirit resides within.

Some will make me an enemy, because I don’t choose friends. Peacemaker, no matter the skin shade, or religion, we were all crafted with precision. No ideology, it’s Love I’m following.

From Madagascar, to Scotland. America to Africa, slave owner to freedman, indigenous to explorer. The blood in my veins sees them as all the same. Different stories, binded in the same book, my looks are just the cover.

I had to search my soul to discover why I couldn’t choose a side. Genetically modified, the remains of my origins sleeps in different graves. Yet through me their spirit is awake. I am intricately sewn from different fabrics, so that they may finally exist in One Peace.


Open Curtains

There was a ray, one I hadn’t seen before

Its brightness was far greater than that of any star

Even the sun honored it

I could not perceive its source with the naked eye

It clothed me in such peace

Its beauty could only be defined, by its presence

Though I’d never crossed paths with such glory

It seemed to know my very spirit

So mighty, yet gentle

Silent, but its energy screamed


How gracious you are

To desire to enter a wretched soul, such as mine



Curtains Fall

Liquor store runs, pass out
problems awaken me.
Green grams
struggles flying next to me.
No matter where I run, there’s no escaping shadows.
Not even in the Light, for it is what creates them.
Where do you go when God can’t even make the SonRise?
When life seems like an endless night?
Joy as bright as the stars,
yet still surrounded by darkness.
Are the lenses out of focus,
did I forget to turn on the flash?
Can you picture the moment,
where peace will forever last?
Or will it always be placed in frames,
residing in the past?
When the curtains fall,
only then, will I see.

That’s Why We Never See Him




A wise man said God is everywhere, that’s why we never see him.

Many ask how can He be good, the poor ..why he never feed em?

The broken vessels God speaks to, ignore the conscience that tells them..

to stop lying about the change in their pockets.

That the key to peace lies in our hearts, we just choose to lock it.

Is Jesus God, was Muhammad the last prophet?

Theological knowledge, does acquiring it bring about a profit?

Chasing heaven, not realizing its been stored within.

Trying to kill our enemies, blind to the fact that they’re our fraternal twins.

We’re all seeds from the same gardener, planted in different lands.. 

molded by the world, searching for the Creators hand.

But a wise man said God is everywhere..

look in the mirror, you’ll see Him.  

I’m Giving You My Heart




Lord, I’m giving you my heart.

Will you take care of her?

I can no longer provide the peace she seeks.

My unstable mind cant give her the balance she needs.

Though I wish to be the source of her joy

You, my God, are the course that can teach her what joy truly is.

This unruly life, I give to you.

My heavy heart, I lift to you.

Will you take care of her?

How Pleasant

Standards, I got tired of trying to meet them.

Conceited, they always flew on by, wouldn’t even let me greet them.

It used to hurt, thought I wasn’t worthy of their presence.

Until I closed my eyes to see that I’m the embodiment of heaven.

How pleasant, life becomes, when you stop trying to fly.

Peace is always still, it need not be pursued.

Sit, and see, the missing piece, is in you.

Soul’s Song

Music without words, instrumentals or simple melodies, allows your soul to sing. And once you hear it’s beautiful song, you’d wish you had been listening to it all along. But don’t regret the time that’s passed, be happy you’ve found joy, at last.