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The Death of Western Christianity


Christians Christians Christians. This post is a very good example of why Christianity is on the decline in America. It is not on the decline due to moral decay, nor due to people straying from the “straight and narrow.” It is on the decline because people have opened their eyes to the Colonial/Crusade/Pharisee-based indoctrination that Westernized Christianity is so diseased with. Christians will point to the bad seeds of a certain group of people, in an attempt to prove that Christians bear more fruit, and the only fruit. Yet it is clear that this is not the case. The reason that Christianity, or Catholicism, is so far spread throughout the world is due to posts like these. The propoganda that people of other cultures or religions are barbaric and need “saving.” It is what soothed the consciences of the slave traders, the crusaders, and the rest of the power hungry, bible thumping, land stealing Christians of the past and present. It’s a sad case of shining false light, for many Christians are sincere in their efforts, and are only doing what they see as best. Nevertheless, there has arrived a time that these Christians fear. The church, as we have seen it, is dying a slow, but needed death.

The current institution, that we falsely label the church, is having its tables turned over, because the true children of light are tired of the many robbers parading as pastors and popes. They are tired of graceless evangelists, who use fear-based conversion tactics, who preach a message of freedom, when they themselves are bound. If you want to truly be as Christ, then feed the poor, forgive someone, pray for your enemies, and uplift someone.

I will end on this note: When you go into a neighborhood, another country, or next door preaching of Jesus with your words, and promises of heaven, and that person rather not hear it, it is not Christ they are denying, it is Christians. As Gandhi stated, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”


Overcoming Sin

To overcome sin, you have to remove it as an option altogether. It should not cause “what if” thoughts, because it shouldn’t be in your thoughts other than to rebuke it when it knocks on your door in the form of temptation. Also, God has to be THE priority. The one and only priority of ones life, actions, thoughts, desires, etc. When God is the center of ones vision, the distractions in your peripheral won’t be granted a single glance.

What is Love?

The joy
a baby’s laughter brings, the melodies birds sing, as the sun’s beams shine light on the one who helps your heart beat..a little faster..time seems to pass when you look back at memories that still make you laugh.
The compassion
one feels while walking past the homeless, thinking, “If only I had enough money to keep the world from being hungry.”
The pain
of losing someone close, 106 & Park getting rid of its’ original hosts (lol), seeing ancestors hung and burned on ropes.
The freedom
the truth  gives the blind, forgiveness gives the mind, blood shed in place of mine, hope to souls once chained to worthless goals, poverty-stricken victims of darkness now pure as snow, walking on streets of gold, singing songs of praise, as every knee bows to greet the One who took a vow to…

Selfish Praise?

We praise man for his ability to paint or draw: an object, nature, another human, etc. Yet those paintings are mere copies of God’s original pieces. So why don’t we praise God instead?

We praise man for his ability to sing a note on tune, because of his voice. Yet, we fail to acknowledge the Creator of sound Himself. Think about how well God can sing! I’m sure it’s good enough to make our ears go deaf due to pure shock of it’s beauty!

We praise man for his physical beauty, as if it was molded by his own hands. How about we praise the Creator instead? More so, how about we stop looking at the beauty the world focuses on, and start judging beauty based off of people’s heart. What we would call our “inner self” or “inner beauty” is God’s ENTIRE self. Yet, He is, of course, eternally-times better  than we could ever be!

We praise people who seem closest to “God-like” in our eyes. Those with the “best” abilities. Yet, people don’t acknowledge God half as much. The actual Creator of the senses that allows us to see, hear, and taste “man’s” abilities.

We praise God for all He has done FOR us, why not praise Him, simply for Him, minus US? Do we not know Him enough to do so? Are we that selfish that we only see God through His works in us, rather than through His actual being, His character. Who would’ve thought that praise could be selfish?

Moral of story: Praise God instead.



If we repent for the same sin, are we really sorry?  Does God’s grace have an end, will he pull back the hand that He extended the first time we failed to acknowledge Him?  The eighth time we broke our promise, so we could please man, did He say, I’m giving up on them?  When we heard Him knocking, and locked the door, did He say, I’m not returning to this place anymore? The Holy Spirit convicted our conscience, and we shut him out, did that keep God from continuing to open His mouth? We turned a blind eye to the man on the corner asking us for change, not realizing it was Jesus, and it wasn’t money he wanted, did He take back our blessings, the ones we flaunted, and threw at the ladies on stage, who were probably hurt at a young age by the same type of perverse mind that led you to that place? The answer to all these questions is No. Two letters that are too rarely put together, against a flesh and clever devil. Yet, spoken in advance when we decided to make plans that we knew went against God’s standards, which we burned up, when we chose temporary satisfactions, over everlasting joy, peace, heaven…is His love not enough?