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Sometimes the chords in your throat 

have not yet found the notes to play 

the thoughts lingering in your soul.

And sometimes the words are too heavy, 

and your tongue does not yet have 

the strength to carry them out.

And that is okay.

Silence is okay.

Some things are meant to be felt, 

not spoken.


It Was You

Truth is deeper than answers.

Are you a whore?

A thief?

Or a product of a broken home where love was just an Imagination in the hands of a father’s Temptation to leave. 

His seeds now only watered by a Mother’s sweat and tears from years of having no Son to lift the burden of floods that have unearthed our ancestors graves. 

Slaves to a system of oppression that only finds us worthy in courts. Golden State or State Penitentiary. Different, or equal to bloodstained cotton that clothed Caramel children. 

Cacao beans are too bitter to taste, so we add milk and sugar in hopes that sweetness can erase the pain, dilute the hate. 

But I prefer my coffee black.

Black as the space between my roots and petals. A place that’s filled with unanswered questions, and suggestions of distant leaders whose spirits are still screaming for freedom. 

Why are we still chained? 

Why are we still caged?

And who swallowed the key?

It was you.



Now spit it out. 



Somewhere we stopped fighting. The comfort of church pews makes one more complacent, mistaking stagnation for peace. Frederick Douglass said, “Once you learn to read you will forever be free,” yet we are still bound. Somewhere we put the books down, and picked up the remote, which is a moat preventing us from reaching our inner Kingdom. Somewhere we decided to conform, allowing greed, perms, and self-righteousness to become the norm. Glorifying the slaves that are loyal to their master, as they falsely rap about freedom with chains around their necks. Pridefully wearing blood-soaked diamonds stolen from their mothers hands. How dare you profit off the death of your own roots! Somewhere we stopped seeking knowledge. Work on the plantation long enough to send our kids to college. False history, deadly pharmaceutical industry, prison-industrial complex, laws that hold no true power. See these degrees ain’t nothing but a hex, inspiring you to climb the social ladder, only to realize that it declines. A world system that defines one as more valuable based off a piece of paper. Somewhere we stopped listening to our spirits, picked up religious indoctrination, which makes us fear God’s true voice when we actually hear it. Did our ancestors die in vain? Somewhere Martin Luther got traded in for hoop dreams, and Malcolm simply ceased to exist! Somewhere young women decided Sara Baartman’s enslavement was worth the payment, and five minutes of fame. Somewhere Willie Lynch succeeded, less melanin meant more heaven sent.

Somewhere we stopped believing in the deceit of these Europeans. Now when you kill one of us, we all start bleeding. Now is not the time to pull the wool back over your eyes. As Mr Heron stated, “The revolution will be live.” 400 years of genocide, it’s time the system died. The final hour has arrived, Ms. Hill, because we’re tired of them killing our prophets, Bobby. It’s time for the mental and physical liberation, Mr. Garvey.

All praises to the Most High, because somewhere.. We are free.

70 times 7


If I ever leave you puzzled, or seem distant

I’m just journeying my soul, looking for the missing pieces

Memories of where I first lost them, never cease to exist when

Recent pain make me re-live the time we turned the T.V off

Read an alligator book

Daddy was leaving

Or when

My first boyfriend ignored me in public

Our relationship wasn’t worthy to be displayed

Or when

Blood betrayed and laid with the first person I truly adored

When promises were broken

Hurtful words spoken

Each negative moment chipped away a part of me

Until negativity became apart of me

Masked in nonchalance, I couldn’t care more

No, really, I couldn’t have cared more

It reached its greatest depth

It’s what built the walls

Until one day, I heard a hammer

Someone trying to break through

This Being pierced a hole through my fortress

By it’s Light, I was consumed

All these lashings were preparing me

To be more like You

So my cheek will turn 70 times 7

Their burdens I will help carry

Their evil repaid with good

So if I ever leave you puzzled, or seem distant

I’m just journeying my soul

Remembering that Love, was the only peace missing

The Straight and Narrow, It’s Hard to be Gay There


I often wonder how life would be if we were free.

If gravity and broken wings no longer existed.

If beauty, joy, and laughter never faded.

The key to these cages, are said to exist within the mind.

Religions seem to darken the shades already covering the eyes of the blind.

Are the streets of gold too holy for the feet of a weary soul to touch?

Is He who is said to be the embodiment of love, too proud of a judge,

to forgive his delinquent children for dropping the cup, which contains the blood,

spilling the communion, leaving a smudge

On these earthly clothes

Aren’t we all stained by pain, handling it in different ways?

Drugs, indulging in chocolate,

A world full of slaves, desiring to escape.

The straight and narrow, its hard to be gay there,

The wages of being broken is death, thats why I didn’t stay there.

The path was too cold, so I took Frost’s advice,

And stepped on the one less traveled.

Found out God’s only word is Love, guess he’d lose a game of Scrabble.

The game the world invented.

Built on men’s decisions.

Rooted in false perceptions of perfection.

And not to mention: the ultimate deception is to believe that the Creator’s love mimics ours,

Based on conditions.

My wings aren’t so broken.

Sometimes I just fly in the wrong direction.

Then God breathes, pointing me back to heaven.

I used to wonder how life would be, if we were truly free.

Eternity opened my eyes, it was nothing but a dream.