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It must have pained them to see God manifested in black bodies. 

That these angels they chose to chain, were the Christ they claimed to praise.

 The vitality of these foreign souls. 

To be able to inhale: blood, maltreatment, slaughter 

and exhale: grace, perseverance, life. 

It must have pained them to see that the Sun would touch their skin, and choose to stay. 

That in spite of the lashes, their spines never gave way. 

It must pain them to see. So they keep them caged, clip their wings, and miseducate. 

It must pain them to see the dirt on their hands. And rather than wash them, they look away, continuing to claim ownership of blood-soaked land. 

Yet what is even more painful, you see, is our dependency on them, to set us free.


Soul Atlas

I’m just trying to grow fruits to honor my roots. Ancestors were planted in different lands, molded by different hands. But the Truth stands, One Spirit resides within.

Some will make me an enemy, because I don’t choose friends. Peacemaker, no matter the skin shade, or religion, we were all crafted with precision. No ideology, it’s Love I’m following.

From Madagascar, to Scotland. America to Africa, slave owner to freedman, indigenous to explorer. The blood in my veins sees them as all the same. Different stories, binded in the same book, my looks are just the cover.

I had to search my soul to discover why I couldn’t choose a side. Genetically modified, the remains of my origins sleeps in different graves. Yet through me their spirit is awake. I am intricately sewn from different fabrics, so that they may finally exist in One Peace.

The Death of Western Christianity


Christians Christians Christians. This post is a very good example of why Christianity is on the decline in America. It is not on the decline due to moral decay, nor due to people straying from the “straight and narrow.” It is on the decline because people have opened their eyes to the Colonial/Crusade/Pharisee-based indoctrination that Westernized Christianity is so diseased with. Christians will point to the bad seeds of a certain group of people, in an attempt to prove that Christians bear more fruit, and the only fruit. Yet it is clear that this is not the case. The reason that Christianity, or Catholicism, is so far spread throughout the world is due to posts like these. The propoganda that people of other cultures or religions are barbaric and need “saving.” It is what soothed the consciences of the slave traders, the crusaders, and the rest of the power hungry, bible thumping, land stealing Christians of the past and present. It’s a sad case of shining false light, for many Christians are sincere in their efforts, and are only doing what they see as best. Nevertheless, there has arrived a time that these Christians fear. The church, as we have seen it, is dying a slow, but needed death.

The current institution, that we falsely label the church, is having its tables turned over, because the true children of light are tired of the many robbers parading as pastors and popes. They are tired of graceless evangelists, who use fear-based conversion tactics, who preach a message of freedom, when they themselves are bound. If you want to truly be as Christ, then feed the poor, forgive someone, pray for your enemies, and uplift someone.

I will end on this note: When you go into a neighborhood, another country, or next door preaching of Jesus with your words, and promises of heaven, and that person rather not hear it, it is not Christ they are denying, it is Christians. As Gandhi stated, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”



How far can you run before you make it to the edge?
Running from the lies,
Or is it by them I’m being led?
Close to the ledge.
Desiring to fly.
Do these wings lack the strength to carry?
Such a heavy soul!
I shall never know what’s ahead.
There’s a voice in my spirit,
Have I heard this voice before?
“Let the Wind be your strength, by faith you will soar.”
My heart weakly beats.
Am I falling,
or free?



Enemies all around, unaware of how they’ve injured me. But within resides a greater entity. In the world there are more additions than subtractions, trying to deter me from my mission. Like David, I’ve got the chance to kill, but I rather do His will. That’s why mercy is my answer, to the evil thats running rampant like cancer. They’re waiting for me to fall, but don’t they know that they’re beautiful?

Many times I have stumbled, journeying through this jungle. Resenting every rock, and storm that’s come my way. Until I realized it is You who creates all the paths that I take. Every scrape, every bruise, preparing me to be used. Every hurt, and barren desert, creating a thirst that can only be quenched by Living Water. For Dead Seas cant deliver enough lost scrolls to help find You. To my spirit you speak, with a voice so powerfully gentle, I find strength where I am weak. Though I fall, you remind me that I’m beautiful.

A love so unique, arms so outstretched, I have no choice but to run into Your chest. A grace so deep, faithfulness so wide, no matter where I turn it is within You that I reside. You’ve given clear vision to these eyes, that I may see my enemies, as You see me. Beautiful, so beautiful.

Flowers longing to be watered. Birds with dreams to fly. Weeping souls, desiring to live and not die. Children trapped in adult bodies, still broken from the pain of their youth. Misunderstood outcasts, wondering if they have a purpose, any use.

Oh God, if they only knew You. That in Your image they were molded, that their existence makes them chosen, to behold the Son that has risen, to cast out darkness, and remove us from this prison. To bring Truth to our hearts, that are so often deceived to believe that we have to work to receive the love of a self- sufficient Being.

Beautiful, yeah you, you’re beautiful.

Christians, the modern-day Pharisees.

Modern Christianity looks very similar to the path of the Pharisees. It’s not only on Pastors of L.A that you see this blindness. It is in a vast number of buildings that we call church. And it is due to the fact that “Christian” has become a mere label. It’s very similar to me calling myself African-American. It is simply a name of an organization, or religion, whatever you’d like to call it.

Christianity has also become law based, rather than founded in love. Because if it wasn’t, the pastor would know that communion is the only meal that some of his congregation will get for that day, and Love would’ve told him to share those tithes, or offering, with the true temple (the PEOPLE.) Rather than wasting money building another “campus” in another location, why not build a homeless shelter? Why not help someone out on their bills? 

Jesus was asked what the way to eternal life was, and he replied to love God, and to love your neighbor as you love yourself (Luke 10). Since God is Love, he basically stated to love, Love. If you do not possess Love in your spirit, then it will show in your actions, or lack thereof.

We say we believe in Jesus, but what good is it to believe in a name, yet ignore what that name actually stands for? Jesus’ life is what he came to give. Not just a sacrifice to get us a ticket into heaven (forgiveness was already given before we even sinned, check out Genesis’ “in the beginning was the Word”). His life was defined by the action of Love. He came to show us HOW to love, and what Love looked like. 

And quite frankly, many non-Christians have accepted the Message of God, because his pathway is not defined by labels, or whom you call yourself. Giving your life to God, is giving it up to LOVE.

1 Cor. 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. [But the greatest of these is love.]

Who Prays for Satan?

But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?

-Mark Twain 

Think about it. We are supposed to believe that “all things are possible to him who believe” right… so why don’t we pray as if all things are? Many will say, “Satan doesn’t want to be forgiven, he doesn’t want to change.” Others will say, “it is already written.” Have you read the book of Jonah? It was already written (in the mind of God) that the city of Ninevah would be destroyed [unless] they turned from their hurtful ways. Jonah did not want to go there, not only because he was afraid to be persecuted, but [mainly] because he knew God would show them mercy. Do you all believe the devil deserves hell? Which, according to a standard of holiness, he does! Yet, when will there come a time in your thinking, when you will desire a change of heart in an evil being, more than you desire him to be destroyed or tortured for eternity? When will you desire compassion to enter into a heartless being, for the sake of them, so that they can be healed? When will you put off your own emotions of hurt, anger, and revenge, and replace them with actual love for those who need it most? It is crazy how Christians can boast of the wicked going to hell, and them inheriting heaven (I used to do it too). Yes, that may be a glorious thing, for YOURSELF, but it is the most saddening thing that could ever happen to the soul of another. So the next time you rejoice about the “wicked” being punished, remember that you just wasted breath, because the time you used to rejoice over the pain of another, could’ve been rightly used to pray for a change in their heart, and mercy from God.