The One


How can one call himself a child of God, if he never forgives one who has caused him harm? And how many times do we have to fail, before we realize the stones we throw only condemn ourselves? Grace is a river with an undending flow, but most serve a god who will dam those who can’t swim. Drowning in flaws, the lifevest of perfection only weighs one down. A gift isn’t a gift unless it is given. When one finally stops swimming, is fully surrendered, only then is he completely immersed in mercy that no curse can reverse. For who in perfect health calls a doctor, and who that is righteous needs God? Can a lame man walk, can a mute man talk, can the deaf hear? Can one who lacks, make himself whole? No. Thats what makes the Savior so beautiful. For while we were without light, he became our shining glory. Where the story seemed to be coming to a close, he opened the curtains. Who is He that gives victory to His enemies? Who is He that washes filthy feet? What earthly king ever crowned a slave? What earthly god ever gave without first being paid? None! Beloved, that is what makes Jesus, the One.


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