Monthly Archives: April 2014

The Queen

The queen, known as woman.
No words can truly describe this glorious creation.
She’s the oasis of this barren Earth.
The possessor of an embrace that’s as warm as the sun in the spring,
bringing life to a frozen heart.
Hands so gentle, they redefine strength.
Humility is inscribed on the soles of her feet.
She has many scars, they are proof of her victories.
Her revolution is never televised,
for she is far too valuable to be sold for ratings.
She is silent in speech.
Her spirit speaks volumes.
She wears a crown, not encrusted with jewels.
Rather mirrors line all sides, to reflect the world around her,
Existence is her treasure.
For it is what created, molded, and ordained her,
to show us all, that we are royal, too.