The Truth is Always Free

The truth is always free.  Far too valuable to be bought.  Taught that if I sew into a ministry, Id receive even more. All these wolves upon the floor, twisting wisdom into a gamble with God.  Our inner kingdoms in shambles, waiting on a financial blessing in return for giving ten percent.  But let me present you with the meaning of riches, then maybe you’ll see that these pastors aren’t with you in the trenches, because they’re the ones dropping the bombs.  They’re the ones copping the arms, robbing you of true blessings, having you look outside, in the wrong direction. But you can’t expect much from a blind man. In the context of true wealth, it usually has to do with the state of your spirit. Yet we’re constantly hearing it being referred to materials. Now the church is the body of people, not the building you attend. Not it’s light bills, its sound system, or the pastor’s Benz. We can afford a multi million dollar building, yet can’t get on one accord to help the poor, the orphans, and oppressed? We have meetings rooms and offices, within them. But where are the beds, the showers, and soup kitchens? And what about the children? We have a kid’s zone, fully equipped with dazzling lights, and fog machines. But did you mean to overlook the holes in Johhny’s jeans, and the thin body frame of Tanisha?

Take a look at the church today. What do you see? I perceive a gathering of famished beings, all searching for water, in an air-conditioned hell. If it was filled with wealth, there would be more compassion for your neighbor, more forgiveness towards a stranger, less condemnation, and more prayer. Not a church on every corner, but shelters everywhere. More protests in the streets, for those tenderhearted souls that are too fragile to speak, the oppressed. Less people leaving church on Sunday happy, but all week are depressed. A community of different peoples, choosing to love all people, in spite of differences. Not allowing skin color, denomination, or religion hinder them. Because at the end of the day, God hand-crafted the very hairs of that Atheist, the very smile of that homosexual, and also the very feet of those wolves, who are asleep, yet trying to wake up the sheep. The ultimate blessing is that of Love, the only cure to the disease. The ultimate offering. Because when you give, the truth is always free.


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