Fertile Land

What if.. it never rained?
If, my dad had stayed
And there was no need to jump out the nest. If, I was born soaring
If, pages were turned, and stories changed
And we never crossed paths with God’s rage
If, that unborn child hadn’t met death before it even got the chance to cry
If, hearts never got swept off their feet by strong, but unstable lies
If, knives never punctured backs
If, walls were never built, or boundaries set in place
If, there was no such thing as race, and we were united like rainbows
If, cupids arrow penetrated every soul
If, I hadn’t walked past that man asking for change, or
Hadn’t looked the other way when I saw the faces of those missing children plastered on the walls
If, those two buildings didnt have to fall, if the government wasn’t corrupt, and earning the next buck wasn’t the purpose of life
If, sick people didn’t take advantage of a kid’s mind before it was ripe
If, Eve never tasted that fruit
If, humanity wasn’t tainted
And we could take a blank canvas and paint it
With new things existing under the Sun, so the same things wouldn’t keep getting burned
Like our ancestors, who hung like wind chimes
We’d rewind to when we dwelled in our Mother’s Hands,
And realize that these fertile lands wouldn’t have grown
If, it never rained.


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