I Saw God in an Atheist




The day I saw God in an atheist

I didn’t want to believe it, didn’t know he could achieve it

This omnipotent being, residing in such a filthy home

Who would’ve ever known, that he would stoop so low

So low.. So low..  So low

Thought I was misperceiving, what are my eyes seeing

Such humility.. Such humility.. Humility

Many would say I was deceived, and that I needed to pray

Needed to pray.. Needed to pray.. Pray

And on that day, I saw His beauty for the first time

Oh how beautiful. How beautiful. Beautiful

The magnitude of his glory, the depths of his love

Humble enough, to shine through the cracks of broken pottery


Then I realized the image that I idolized

Was nothing more than an outer disguise

The pretty sermons of preachers

Priests determining what sin was, or was that Constantine

Either way, I constantly searched for perfection

Through following a list of standards no man could meet

Leaving services empty handed, the holy casino

Because He knows, that I need to pay those bills

And if I gamble my offering, I may reap a field

May gain a shield against that abyss, if I start swinging

These righteous fists, at every defiled ….atheist..


The day I saw God.

I saw a one winged angel fly

I saw a liar help an old lady cross the street

I saw an adulterer holding a sign against war

I saw Jesus, on his knees, washing feet


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