The Straight and Narrow, It’s Hard to be Gay There


I often wonder how life would be if we were free.

If gravity and broken wings no longer existed.

If beauty, joy, and laughter never faded.

The key to these cages, are said to exist within the mind.

Religions seem to darken the shades already covering the eyes of the blind.

Are the streets of gold too holy for the feet of a weary soul to touch?

Is He who is said to be the embodiment of love, too proud of a judge,

to forgive his delinquent children for dropping the cup, which contains the blood,

spilling the communion, leaving a smudge

On these earthly clothes

Aren’t we all stained by pain, handling it in different ways?

Drugs, indulging in chocolate,

A world full of slaves, desiring to escape.

The straight and narrow, its hard to be gay there,

The wages of being broken is death, thats why I didn’t stay there.

The path was too cold, so I took Frost’s advice,

And stepped on the one less traveled.

Found out God’s only word is Love, guess he’d lose a game of Scrabble.

The game the world invented.

Built on men’s decisions.

Rooted in false perceptions of perfection.

And not to mention: the ultimate deception is to believe that the Creator’s love mimics ours,

Based on conditions.

My wings aren’t so broken.

Sometimes I just fly in the wrong direction.

Then God breathes, pointing me back to heaven.

I used to wonder how life would be, if we were truly free.

Eternity opened my eyes, it was nothing but a dream.


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