The Master’s Piece




An ancient artifact, disguised as a new vase.
An old soul, given a new face.
Since the beginning of time I’ve existed in an uncreated mind, 
which chose to paint mine onto His canvas of life.
I was an idea the Master Artist seemed to have loved, 
because as years passed it must’ve gotten tough to keep it inside, so He.. 
picked up the brush, released the thought.. 
on October 22, Heaven brought an angel. 
Dropped it into a world, that’d teach it the very opposite.  
This fragile work of art was handed to a group of beings to remind them of who they used to be. 
An empty vase is all they could see. Though the outside simply screamed, “Love me!” 
They started to fill it with different things, mostly a lot of dirt and various versions of the same bad seed. 
This heavenly idea soon became a part of a museum, 
filled with artwork whose author was said to be Anonymous. 
Under the dust, in every corner were beautiful gems, colorful pottery, sophisticated moldings in a number of different shapes and sizes. 

Then one day, the Master Artist arrives, and walks into the museum. 
He washed the gems, cleaned and emptied the pottery, and fixed the broken moldings. 

Then He softly stated, “Love me.”

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