That’s Why We Never See Him




A wise man said God is everywhere, that’s why we never see him.

Many ask how can He be good, the poor ..why he never feed em?

The broken vessels God speaks to, ignore the conscience that tells them..

to stop lying about the change in their pockets.

That the key to peace lies in our hearts, we just choose to lock it.

Is Jesus God, was Muhammad the last prophet?

Theological knowledge, does acquiring it bring about a profit?

Chasing heaven, not realizing its been stored within.

Trying to kill our enemies, blind to the fact that they’re our fraternal twins.

We’re all seeds from the same gardener, planted in different lands.. 

molded by the world, searching for the Creators hand.

But a wise man said God is everywhere..

look in the mirror, you’ll see Him.  


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