Monthly Archives: July 2013

Travelling With the Sun

As I was on the plane, headed to Germany, a thought came to mind:

“Darkness doesn’t exist when you’re travelling with the Sun (Jesus). Then you can become somebody’s dawn.”

When someone is walking in darkness, (whether that darkness be anger, bitterness, greed, addictions.. whatever has them blinded and chained to harmful emotions and actions), We can become a light to them, a new day… their “dawn” by being a light for them. By comforting them, encouraging them, showing them the way.. 

Just wanted to share that!




I dont accept the flaws.

I respect the flawed,

and ultimately leave the corrections to God.

Cause truth be told, no one knows

the fate of any man’s soul.

If faith is hope

in things unseen,

I have none in hell.

A place where God doesn’t dwell,

never sits well, with my mind.

Though my eyes

do not yet possess perfect vision,

I believe that Love holds

the final decision.