This is Just a Different Song

They call it the land of the free. Ha, not hardly! Free to pick and choose, according to their rules. Discrimination handed to skin with darker hues. They taught us that slavery is a thing of the past, MLK yelling, “Thank God, I’m free at last!” No disrespect, but he was mighty wrong. We never changed the station, this is just a different song. No lashes on our backs, no lynchings on a tree, forget killing our bodies, they’re slaying us mentally. Drugs placed in our communities, fake thugs on tv, the perfect concoction for genocide of the  mind. Older generations complaining that we’re blind, but this is just the product of you all closing your eyes. The Civil Rights movement, stopped, because coloreds were allowed to buy the American Dream, and as you see the product you received was nothing more than a beautiful disease.


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7 responses to “This is Just a Different Song

  • poeticlyric

    Beautiful writing. Beautifully expressed. Yes, nothing has changed…they only changed the colours and made us swallow the pill “slavery is over”…and guess what? People actually believe we live in a “free” world, where democracy reigns. So, why isn’t America that concerned about “bringing democracy” in countries where girls get circumcised, rather than claiming to bomb Afghanistan for “peace”? Just one example out of a million dear…wanted to support your beautiful post:)

    • cgreg22

      Man, you’re right, I wasn’t aware of girls getting circumcised. would you like to give me more information on that? But yes, hopefully one day the world will open its’ eyes! Thanks so much girl.

      • poeticlyric

        awwww nooo I just saw that I did not reply to you. I am still new to blogging and wordpress and I don’t know why, I missed it. I just saw it. Just google girls and circumcision and you will come up with lots of information dear. It is terrible. In those countries they believe that a woman has no right to sexual pleasure. That is why they sew the lips – to hide the clit which causes us pleasure during intercourse. And when a circumcised girl gives birth, she feels lots of pain of course. aaahhhI feel like crying.

    • tomschronicles

      Poeticlyric… you’re right. It’s not about doing the right thing or helping people be free. It’s about “national interest,” in other words.. money.. power. In the past, the American government has not shown much concern about true freedom. They’ve allied themselves with dictators like the Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussein.. (America backed Saddam when Iraq and Iran were at war, and I think it was before that when we were supporting the Shah in Iran). and this has happened just in my lifetime. “Bringing democracy”.. I don’t buy the lie.

      Cgreg22.. good writing.. I’ve thought about some of the things you’ve written about. I think the elites in our country want to keep us down and controlled.. and it doesn’t matter what race we are in that sense. But, I think black Americans still generally have it the worst. I think about MLK sometimes.. I think he’d be deeply troubled if he were alive today.

      I think it is unfortunate but true that so many black people are really good at keeping themselves down. There needs to be a cultural shift in the black community, but I kind of doubt it will happen, although I hope it does.

      Lastly.. The hardest people to free are those who have taught themselves how to be slaves, and those who don’t know they are slaves. And we are all slaves to something. This is true about everyone, regardless of race. Not all chains are literal.. made of metal. Some are fashioned by society, and some are shackles of the mind. We are taught not to be free.

  • Jeff Nguyen

    Good point that the movement stopped moving and much of the progress that was made is being undone.

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