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How Pleasant

Standards, I got tired of trying to meet them.

Conceited, they always flew on by, wouldn’t even let me greet them.

It used to hurt, thought I wasn’t worthy of their presence.

Until I closed my eyes to see that I’m the embodiment of heaven.

How pleasant, life becomes, when you stop trying to fly.

Peace is always still, it need not be pursued.

Sit, and see, the missing piece, is in you.


Random Thoughts about Love, Itself..

God can’t be seen, but he can be felt, and the effects of those feelings within a human exude out of them. They are shown in the form of smiles, tears, laughter, a hand given to those tossed aside. God never steps over someone laying helplessly in their own pity, grief, or dirt. Instead he lays there with them, sharing in their grief, and waiting for them to open their eyes and notice, that though their feet may be blackened by walking on the wrong path, he will be there to wash them. He will wash them even if he knows that they will soon be blackened again. You may ask why, how pointless it may seem. But God doesn’t dwell on the dirt, he only focuses on the moments we are clean. That is who he sees. 


God doesn’t need someone’s belief, to exist. Even if that existence is within the one whom doesn’t believe. One may ask, well how does God work through someone who doesn’t believe? Well, the same way God wakes them up every morning, the same way God created them, the same way God loves them. Since when did the Creator of necessity, need anything? Is God not already whole? Love gives, without want of anything in return. Love simply does, because it can.


Is love without reason. not the best love of all? Because love, without reason, can never fail. It can’t be subtracted from, nor added to. It simply exists, it simply does, without want of anything in return. It doesn’t need praise, glory, it doesn’t even need a name. How I wish we all, will simply love because we can.

Favorite Child

Love is supreme, worshipped among many beings. But like a dollar and a hundred pennies, religion’s pride can’t see past the disguise of labels. Creating hateful people, who love the same Creator. Everyone wants to be the favorite child, while the orphans are cast down, to darkness. But regardless of man’s opinion, God is over every dominion, and it takes the faith of a child to believe that love can put any fire out.



I planted a seed

Knowing that one day it’d bloom,

and hoping by chance you’d walk by and see

that flower, is You.

Soul’s Song

Music without words, instrumentals or simple melodies, allows your soul to sing. And once you hear it’s beautiful song, you’d wish you had been listening to it all along. But don’t regret the time that’s passed, be happy you’ve found joy, at last.

“This place is …

“This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief.”



Kurt Rees

Too black,
too white,
too fat,
too skinny,
never being happy
with the skin we are in.
Always finding fault
in others
to make ourselves
feel better.

Too nice,
too mean,
too loving,
too hateful,
never being grateful
for having life.
Always striving to be better
than possible.

A wild coaster ride,
Loving someone special
one minute,
plotting their death
the next.
No matter
how much you hate
the way I look,
the way I love,
the way I ride life’s ride,
the one thing I know.
I am just like you.

So love me,
hate me,
spit on me,
or despise me.
I’m human,
and I hurt
just like you.

©Copyright 2005 by Kurt Rees.
All rights reserved

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