Solomon, Wise?

While reading 1 Kings, I came across the part where Solomon asked God for wisdom, God being pleased with this request also gave Solomon “riches and honor.” Now, with God being all-knowing and what not, why exactly would he give Solomon riches, knowing that these riches would be apart of the reason Solomon would temporarily stray away from the Lord? My best guess is that the riches were apart of Solomon’s acquirement of wisdom, the quote “experience is the best teacher” comes to mind. Some things are best learned through first hand experience, and Solomon learned through his stages of being highly materialistic, chasing women, etc, that none of those things were of any value. He came to see that the only thing that is of any worth is your relationship with God, that is the most valuable possession you could ever have. So, God allowed Solomon to live and learn (grace is beautiful huh?), much like he allows all of his children. So, if you ask God for wisdom, expect to live through the lessons!


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