What is Love?

The joy
a baby’s laughter brings, the melodies birds sing, as the sun’s beams shine light on the one who helps your heart beat..a little faster..time seems to pass when you look back at memories that still make you laugh.
The compassion
one feels while walking past the homeless, thinking, “If only I had enough money to keep the world from being hungry.”
The pain
of losing someone close, 106 & Park getting rid of its’ original hosts (lol), seeing ancestors hung and burned on ropes.
The freedom
the truth  gives the blind, forgiveness gives the mind, blood shed in place of mine, hope to souls once chained to worthless goals, poverty-stricken victims of darkness now pure as snow, walking on streets of gold, singing songs of praise, as every knee bows to greet the One who took a vow to…

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