If Only

If only…

If only we listened to God’s voice, as much as we listen to our favorite music, secular or Christian.

If only we read what He said, as much as we read text messages, magazines, or novels.

If only we admired God’s beauty, as much as we admire the digitally, make-up enhanced, physically accepted version of it.

If only we clothed ourselves in humility, rather than boasting in the false appearance of a confidence that tells you to look, act, and think like everyone else, all while being unique. The irony!

If only, we danced like David, rather than like video vixens.

If only we repped God’s name against evil, as much as Kappa’s vs. Que’s, Miami vs. Lakers, Democrats vs. Republicans, Race vs. Race, Religion vs. Religion, Opinionated Christian vs. Opinionated Christian.

If only we plowed, fertilized, watered, and cared for this spiritually barren world, as much we do our front lawns and gardens.

If only, we paid attention to the place God has stationed US, the blessings He has already given US, the plans He so desperately wants US to specifically fulfill, rather than paying attention to that of those we read while scrolling down  twitter, facebook, instagram… computer screens.

If only we could realize that cures are not found in science, answers aren’t found in school.

If only….

If only we loved God.


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