Monthly Archives: September 2012

Lord, I Really Try to Hear Your Voice

Lord I really try to hear your voice
But the world’s noise wont subside
At the end of every passing day, I hope you know that I tried
That I’m sincerely sorry, for sometimes letting my flesh be revived
Im undeserving of your mercy, and your love that pulls me
back like the moon does the tides.
I want to be like the clouds, going whichever way you direct.
God is always in the air, I wish I wasnt bolted to the ground.
I know this cocoon is made for molding, I’m just ready for my wings.
Don’t mean to sound ungrateful, this walk just isnt as easy as it seems.
Try to be transparent, but modern Pharisees label me a fiend.
Sinners call me evil, saying that I speak hateful things.
No one cares about your standards, only the blessings that you bring.
Evil is running rampant, people are tumors of the Earth.
Spiritually dead, and want to know what really makes it worse?
Those claiming to worship you, but their actions are rehearsed.
So everytime I reach out to the lost, they see the hand of the perverse.
All these wolves in sheeps clothing, leading your children astray.
God grant me with your patience, help me see the brighter days.
Remind me that these are patients, unaware of their illness.
And when enemies cause me harm, give me strength to grant them forgiveness.
Make my feet resemble your Sons, shackled to love, arms open to everyone
Give me your vision, so that I may see people’s potential, rather than
their present state.
And remind me of the grace I’ve been handed, so that I may do the same.