God Didn’t Give Us Breath to Merely Hold It In

We are.. to go out and make disciples of all nations

Free the slaves trapped on the devil’s plantation

I was just about to step out on the dirt,

When fellow Christians held me back, stating that they’re not worth the hard work.

Here I was, plow in hand, God in mind, and you’re saying the only
salvation I should be worried about is mine?

Selfish, but maybe they were right. After all, God has given everyone the key to escape their own plights.

But.. if I could just sow these seeds, they just might… wake from this night blindness, gain sight, to see..
that they have someone they can confide in..

They said that I’d risk my chances of being entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

That’s when I was provoked to stop this nonsense.

Whom do you think is compelling me to desire to see these people set free?

Were you not once chained to death yourself?

Now, remember who it was that gave you help.

Who stepped in, despite your sins, when everyone else claimed you had met your end?

What if that same person, said you were undeserving, and passed you by?

Wouldn’t you still be on the other side, hurting?

Hoping that one day someone helped you carry your burdens?

Wouldn’t you still feel like an orphan, all alone, unaware of a Father waiting for you to come home?

God didn’t give us breath to merely hold it in, that’s why the Church is suffocating.

When we should be resuscitating those headed to their death beds.

Now remove the devil out of your own heads and realize that this doubt you speak only shows that you too are weak.

The stones in your hands weren’t meant to be thrown, they’re meant to be placed as part of the foundation surrounding His throne.

This knowledge isn’t meant to be hidden, it’s meant to be given, to all who lack.



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2 responses to “God Didn’t Give Us Breath to Merely Hold It In

  • Carl The Muse

    When we walk by faith and not by sight we allow ourselves to be a mirror reflecting his divine light. Lets keep doing what we do and I am praying for all of you, I hope you will do the same for me and my crew. I am all about building this network of faith because together we can be a bigger reflection of his light and brighten up any dark place. The world needs it!

    Keep doing what you do with these posts and God Bless you! Its is amazing to see how he uses us all in such unique ways, we are walking different paths but the direction is the same, In Jesus name!

    I am saying from one blogger to another, Thank you because it takes time to do this but we are sharing these messages because we know this is what the lord wants us to do!



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