If we repent for the same sin, are we really sorry?  Does God’s grace have an end, will he pull back the hand that He extended the first time we failed to acknowledge Him?  The eighth time we broke our promise, so we could please man, did He say, I’m giving up on them?  When we heard Him knocking, and locked the door, did He say, I’m not returning to this place anymore? The Holy Spirit convicted our conscience, and we shut him out, did that keep God from continuing to open His mouth? We turned a blind eye to the man on the corner asking us for change, not realizing it was Jesus, and it wasn’t money he wanted, did He take back our blessings, the ones we flaunted, and threw at the ladies on stage, who were probably hurt at a young age by the same type of perverse mind that led you to that place? The answer to all these questions is No. Two letters that are too rarely put together, against a flesh and clever devil. Yet, spoken in advance when we decided to make plans that we knew went against God’s standards, which we burned up, when we chose temporary satisfactions, over everlasting joy, peace, heaven…is His love not enough?


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